Agence Publics’
Eco-Responsible Commitment


The nature of Agence Publics’ activities – communication strategy, and national and international event organization – has led the Agency to integrate social, economic and environmental impact questions into its engagement and the management of its activities. Being engaged in a lasting and inclusive world economy represents one of the key principles of the Agency.
Through its adhesion to the UN Global Compact and the ISO 20121 Systèmes de management responsable appliqués à l’activité évènementielle (responsible management systems for event planning), Agence Publics is part of a global and sustainable approach.
The Global Compact is the main world initiative of companies and citizens for a sustainable economy. More than 13,000 companies and organizations in 160 member countries adhere to the Global Compact. It’s the expression and vision of a sustainable and inclusive world economy respecting universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.
As adherant to the Global Compact, Agence Publics is committed to a respectful economy and society. The annual report “Communication on Progress” published by the Agency allows us to evaluate, reflect and keep track of its sustainable approach.
Agence Publics’ sector specific social, economic and environmental stakes are found in ISO 20121 norm in the following way:


carre-rouge Developed as a world agreement by the international for Standardization, the ISO 20121 norm establishes the guidelines and presents the practices for event planning ;
carre-rouge Agence Publics prioritizes services and materials in conformity with sustainable development, such as products and services with low consumption energy as well as recycled and recyclable materials ;
carre-rouge Agence Publics encourages all its partners, suppliers and providers, to follow this approach.