ESL&Network Group

ESL & Network Group brings up its expertise and know-how to assist companies and public entities in achieving news monitoring and analysis, influence strategy, visibility and reputation.


A pioneer in the field of economic intelligence, ESL & Network Group is established in Paris, Morocco, Dubai, Qatar and Brussels.
ESL provides its clients with expertise and an international network to gather strategic information.



Thanks to active and passive monitoring, ESL & Network Group is able to offer its clients all relevant information to develop their businesses, identifying the key points of contact and communicating effectively.


ESL & Network Group also offers personalized training and coaching sessions to enable its clients to improve their understanding of how French and European institutions operate.


ESL France 100, Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris, France

IEAG 100, Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris, France

ESL European Affairs 11/13 Rue d’Idalie 1050 Brussels – Belgium

Agence Publics 15, Avenue Matignon 75008 Paris, France

ESL Agence Publics Qatar Al Reem Tower, West Bay P.O. Box 23684 Doha, Qatar

ESL Agence Publics Middle East Bayswater Tower 22nd Floor, Suite 2210, P.O. Box 413862 Dubaï, UAE

ESL Agence Publics Maroc Rue Cadi Srayi / Cadi Ben Hammadi, La Pinède, Rabat, Morocco